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Pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Place of production: Roccacasale, Italy
The journey of crafting our olive oil starts with the careful selection of olives. Nestled in the fertile soil of our garden are olive trees that have weathered seasons, each fruit bearing the essence of the Mediterranean sun. Harvesting is a family affair and everybody comes to help.

Once the olives are gathered, they embark on a very short voyage from the grove to the village oil press. The press transforms humble olives into liquid gold. The fruits are meticulously washed, and the pressing process begins, gently extracting the purest essence of the olives' flavors and aromas.

The golden-green liquid that emerges from this process is nothing short of magical. Its fragrance is an invitation to the mountains of Abruzzo. The taste is a symphony of fruity notes, a peppery kick, and a subtle bitterness that dances on the palate – the hallmark of an authentic Italian olive oil.
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